Monday, April 26, 2010

IMC 019 - Selling Your Own DVDs Kicks Ass

We discover CreateSpace from Amazon for distributing and selling your own DVDs and digital downloads (even MTV is using it). Feedback from listeners, and Script Frenzy is almost over! We also talk about our new recording device the Zoom H4N.
Think How I Think: Kick-Ass Kicks Butt!


  1. Hi Guys, love your podcast. I am also an indie producer. The most challenging part of this career is marketing and distribution of our films. A fellow indie buddy of mine tired CreateSpace. It was somewhat of a chore to set up. A bunch my friends who are also indie producers were discussing other alternative methods of marketing an distribution of our film. During our discussions we stumble upon a website called It is a very cool concept. All of us signed up, however they will not give any invite keys until Monday of next week. They support is great! You guys should interview them for your next pod cast.

  2. It's been weeks! When's the next indie movie cast coming out???