Tuesday, April 13, 2010

IMC 018 - Canon 7D, the Newest Indie Camera

Is the Canon 7D the future for indie movies? We compare it to our usual cameras, as well as the latest from RED. The new Canon's videos are featured on Vimeo, and are even recommended by top Hollywood DPs. Script Frenzy update.
Thrizzle Dizzle: New 3D segment explores what is Real 3-D vs. Fake 3-D. We explore the upcoming 3-D releases. 3-D coming without glasses?
Joey and Corey from Trifecta + and Date Doctor TV guest host.

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  1. Hey guys! I've been listening since the 3rd episode. Don't remember how I originally found this show but glad I did.

    I got into film making with the internet videos I did with my comedy group a couple years back. Now we are taking ourselves serious with feature films as the ultimate goal. Since I started listening we've been working on 2 shorts which are my first experiences with a ton of preproduction (I actually commented on your fb fanpage a while back because we almost lost a location due to no insurance around the time you lost the castle for your dragon movie)

    Anyway, it just so happens that this week I started to research the Canon 5D & 7D then you guys posted this episode, great timing. It's my golden bday this year (turning 26yo on july 26th) and my family is going to go all out with my present, which is great because like most of us I'm a broke indie filmmaker. I'll probably have about $4,500 to blow on equipment and was going to write in to you guys asking if you'd recommend me buying a video camera or a photo camera. Through my research and this episode I'm leaning toward the 5D.

    I was planning to write you guys last episode about internet promotion, but funny enough I was too busy re-building my group's website which we plan to promote like hell.

    Oh yeah, and one of the shorts I'm working on also has a character waking up, hitting the snooze button, and then has an inner monologue, haha. Like you guys said you have in Voice Over. I understand why it's on the DUMPS list, but when you're an indie movie maker you have to use your resources and -come on- all of us have an alarm clock & a bed. Whatever, it's important to my story too and I am just getting that out of my system as our projects get bigger.

    Keep up the great work Ultimatum!