Wednesday, February 17, 2010

IMC 012 - Making Webisodes, More Reboots, and Wolfman

We talk about webisodes and web series' with our guest host Hannah. She details her experiences in making her new web series Date Doctor. We also mention the Streamy Awards, and many other successful web series, Prom Queen, The Guild, LonelyGirl15, Dr. Horrible, BSG Face of the Enemy, and web channels like Revision3.
Schmollywood: Reboot coming for The Three Musketeers, Arthur, Taxi Drier, and True Grit. Quentin's next, and Spice gets bought. Trailer reactions for Toy Story 3, and The Last Airbender.
Think How I Think: The Wolfman sparks an argument about whether or not stupid people like stupid movies.

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