Thursday, October 20, 2011

IMC 043 - Where have we been?

Ultimatum emerges from their sudden sabbatical to bring you the first new IMC in months. We fully disclose where we've been. We took L'americano to the L.A. Shorts Fest and met friends from the movie Cataplexy.
We talk about our experiences in working on the indie feature The Banshee Chapter.
We finally released M v. W online with special thanks to Andy Gabrys for doing the score.
The making of our newest movie Eden, made for the Producer's Guild's Weekend Shorts Contest.
Schmollywood gets skipped over.
Think How I Think:
we do one-sentence reviews for every movie we've seen since June during the "Year of Garbage" including Harry Potter, Captain America, Attack the Block and Drive among many others.

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