Thursday, August 5, 2010

IMC 027 - The 7D is for Me

We get hands on with the Canon 7D. We talk about our recent experiences and advice from us and some experts. Also we look into the future of cameras with the upcoming Sony NEX-VG10 and the Panasonic AG-AF100.
We feel a little bit bad for Nic Cage's latest movie... then wonder about his upcoming one.
The Raven. Brilliant indie short like Mortal Kombat Rebirth; or just very lucky special effects fluff?
Trailer reactions: Faster and The Social Network.
Think How I Think:

Joey guest hosts.

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  1. So i have listen to all your podcasts lately. I forget how I found it but I am glad I did. I enjoy listening to all the parts. Thanks for the advice about the 48 challenges I am going to "borrow" what you have said and do the 48 in Des Moines, IA this year. 1 thing i enjoy listening to is when you talk about an actor a movie and see how they are now. This ep you guys barley knew who Tom Hardy was and now to see where he is. Thanks for getting me through my drafting day job.