Wednesday, January 6, 2010

IMC 006 - Writing an Indie Script, Bond 23, and our Top Movies of 2009 and the Decade

We talk about scripts and writing because the script for Ultimatum Pictures' upcoming movie The Sentinel is done, written for the Doorpost Film Project. There's just a few days to rate our movie Heaven for the National Film Challenge, so please check it out. Schmollywood: Sam Mendes takes on the role of Bond director. 2010 is being previewed at Aint It Cool and JoBlo. It seems that 'Lost' may take over Disneyland. Think How I Think: We all give our Top 5 movies of the decade, which ones are agreed upon, and which are RiffTrax'd. Alex presents his Top 9 Movies of 2009 and the ones he hated.

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